TCESP - Olho na Escola

We are proud of being responsible for the development of the project "De Olho na Escola" together with TCESP. The purpose is to provide population with a tool for supervising and controlling São Paulo's public schools.


The project of the IEGM/TCE-SP panel allows São Paulo's residents to visualize the management of every county of the state.  The proposal intends to automate the process of supervising, analyzing and evaluating São Paulo's counties through the IEGM/ TCESP - Índice de Efetividade da Gestão Municipal (Index of Town Management Effectiveness) panel.

TCESP - APP Fiscalize com o TCESP

Another very important project is the app Fiscalize com o TCE-SP (Supervise with TCE-SP).  In a broader way, this tool was created so the court inspectors could do their field jobs more efficiently by supervising every aspect of each county in São Paulo.

TCESP - Portal da Fiscalização

Just like previous works, Portal de Fiscalização (Supervising Portal) offers a set of important performance indicators of the main counties in São Paulo.

TCESP - Teletrabalho

O Teletrabalho do TCESP (TCESP's Telework) aims to provide internal control to the new remote working model, which has been regulated by the federal government after the flexibilization of the CLT (Consolidated Labor Laws). This tool looks for applying an efficient and organized management model, making planning and agency workers' allocation an easier process.

PENSA RIO - Painel de Consumo de Água

The Water Consumption Panel project was conceived after a demand made by Rio de Janeiro's mayor during the water crisis that affected the city. The panel informs the water consumption levels in every government agency in real time.

PENSA RIO - Painel de Arrecadação de ISS

The collection panel was created in order to monitor Rio de Janeiro's ISS (Municipal Service Tax) monthly and annually, allowing comparing both projected and real collections values, besides indicating possible misappropriation based on the metrics established by SMF/RJ.

PENSA RIO - Painel 1746

Panel 1746's project was developed to provide real time access to the town hall's management agencies based on the indicators used by system 1746.  The main purpose was to internally increase transparency, allowing sharing information through the app.

PENSA RIO - Painel de Mobilidade Urbana

The urban mobility project was created after a demand made by Rio de Janeiro's mayor to track in real time the indicators related to vehicles travelling in the city.

MTE - Indicadores

The project was created to attend four different sectors of MTE (Ministry of Public Labor Prosecution). These panels would indicate important data related to employment and unemployment, migrants and immigrants, ombudsman and the ministry's internal finances.

Prefeitura DE São Paulo + WAZE + FGV

BIG DATA project realized with WAZE focused on analyzing the app's data in order to look for behavioral patterns and insights so we can develop solutions in Smart Cities.

Prudential - Dashboard do PMO

The project management panel offers a holistic view of the PMO and its internal initiatives, focusing on its own KPIs and PMI's KPIs.


The project had to face the challenge of creating a panel for the Ministry of Science, Technology and Communication, which focus was to manage more than 50 million scientific researches from CNPQ.

Project Builder - APP

Project Builder APP was developed for one of Sinn Technology's partners, Project Builder, and it provides mobile and local access to the SaaS system.


Kanban ML was developed with Machine Learning technology and it has the ability to observe a real Kanban board through a video camera, identifying and following the movement of the project's tasks while they move their position between three different lanes: To-Do, Doing and Done.

DFM - Marinha do Brasil

Another project developed with COPPE/UFRJ and the Financial Office of the Brazilian Navy. In this project, we developed a dashboard to manage financial indicators of every military organization.


This project was developed with COPPE/UFRJ for the Financial Office of the Brazilian Navy, in order to internally manage this military organization.


FGV'S CTS portal project was developed to notify the user of activities taking place in FGV DIREITO RIO's CTS (Technology and Society Center).


The project's portal between BID and FGV was created to present to the public the progress concerning the Smart Cities project of each agency.

Painel - Varejistas

The retailers’ panel focus on product-selling indicators in a certain establishment. Given its generic aspect, it can adapt to any sales system in any retail market segment.

Play Educa edição Disney

A world of magic, fun and education. Playing and learning are things that children really like. And their parents too! The project was developed in partnership with Arcolabs ( and it offers activities prepared by Brazilian educators following the Brazilian Common Core State Standards for pre-school. They entertain children and also promote the evolution of the necessary abilities to acquire literacy. Get to know the platform in


PlayStats is an analytics and backend platform for electronic games. It was launched in 2019 and is currently supporting Play Educa Disney edition and Play Mundi.

CGEE - Painel da Remuneração

RHCTI was developed in partnership with CGEE in order to create an interactive panel which goal was to give transparency in all information concerning teachers and researchers' payment. Developed in Pentaho, java and postgresql database.

Indicadores de Seguros

Just like the retailer’s panel, the insurance indicator panel offers a holistic and themed view of the main indicators of the area. Solution developed by Sinn in a generic way, so it can be customized in order to attend any company.

Hackathon GOOGLE - Projeto Transparência Brasil

Sinn Technology finished in second place in Hackathon Google, coming up with the solution for data in Brazil's Transparency portal.  By consuming the project's API, we were able to create panels with important information and data-crossing, focused on public biddings and loans.