Our courses aims to teach the most important concepts to anyone who is interested in the Business Intelligence universe, focusing on the best BI tool: Hitachi / Vantara (Pentaho).

Every course can be taken in person or remotely, besides having a syllabus on demand (coaching format). If in person, the courses can be taken "in Company" or in our office in Rio de Janeiro. Courses follow the BYOD format (Bring Your Own Device). Contact us if you wish to learn more about it.

IT managers, system administrators, analysts, students, administrators, staticians and any other professional who is interested in learning how to work with Business Intelligence.


Goal: a beginner's course approaching the main concepts related to BI in a practical overview of every step when working with Vantara/Pentaho and its tools. Through these practical activities, the student will be able to elaborate and execute properly a basic BI project.

Prerequisites: database concepts

Syllabus: Business Intelligence concepts; how to install and set Pentaho suite up; introduce Pentaho suite's tools; ETL creation using Pentaho Data Integration; using the BI Server; creating OLAP Cubes using Modrian Schema Workbench; presenting information using the Saiku tool. Practical activities according to the student's needs.


Goal: to deepen the knowledge regarding Pentaho suite, making the student able to work with more complex solutions. At the end of the course, the student must be able to integrate data from multiple sources to achieve a complete and structured result.

Prerequisites: Business Intelligence concepts - Introduction to Business Intelligence course

Syllabus: Concepts and activities focused on the student's real demands. Integrating multiple sources with PDI; data warehouse modeling; creating ETL procedures; using BI server; creating OLAP Cubes using Modrian Schema Workbench; visualization with the Saiku tool.


Goal: To prepare professionals through a real project, allowing the student to identify business demands and to build an architecture capable of attending these demands. Create complex dashboards with the integration of multiple data sources and external APIs.

Prerequisites: Database concepts and CTools Course.

Syllabus: Identifying demands/ elaborating the project's architecture; conceptual modelling for the solution; ETLs development with PDI; developing dashboards with CTools; creating and modelling OLAP Cubes using Modrian Schema Workbench; visualizing with the Saiku tool.


Goal: To learn how to develop visually elegant dashboards to your BI project; to create rich and interactive views with dynamic real-time access to your data and indicators.

Prerequisites: Java Script, CSS, HTML and Introduction to Business Intelligence course

Syllabus: Defining the visual project; getting to know CTools and its components; selectors, tables, pie charts, lines and columns; drill-down using graphical components and integration between graphics; CCC2, learn how to use a graphic library out of CTools; CDA-Community Data Access MDX consulting; SQL consulting; consulting using a transformation from Pentaho Data Integration (Kettle);

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