10 Years

With the experience accumulated throughout 10 years in the market, we created, a complete suite composed by tools in the GovTech, LegalTech, FinTech, EduTech and HealthTech areas. is a personal identification solution whose goal is to give back to users the control of their personal and sensible data, creating a safe space for storage and management. can be created for both natural and legal person, building a safety layer to protect the data.

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The application Sinn.wallet is a mobile virtual wallet created to manage all your data in a safe and encrypted manner.

It is totally integrated to our platform, thus the Sinn.wallet grants access to our services (buSinness and Sinntesis) and also allows you to control the balance of the main cryptocurrency accounts worldwide, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.


Sinntesis is a management platform for bid documents and judicial processes which allows the user to elaborate, manage, share and create documents automatically.

We use Data Mining and Artificial Intelligence in order to automatically identify and create documents that would take days (or even weeks) to be written by an individual.  This is a way to save many working hours in law firms and public organizations.

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buSinness is a platform focused on business which allows the user to elaborate, manage, share and sign contracts electronically.

There is no need for registries, notaries or any other intermediate.

buSinness provides services related to technical and legal validation integrated to our identification tool:

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Lets do buSinness!


Our solutions for education include mobile platforms and web systems. You can learn more about it on the Cases section and by following us in our social networks, since there will be many products being developed in 2020.

Play Mundi

Learning through play is a great option. PlayMundi is a digital entertainment platform (currently at the final stage of development) full of activities and games for children, focused on education and playfulness. It offers national and international content in a safe and appropriate manner to all the family.