How can we help you?

We adopt a collaborative approach when providing our services. We care for the client's participation in every step of the job, since the formation of the Project's Manager Committee, the adaptation of modules, during the tests and the conversion and migration of legacy systems' datas and during the implantation of a production system. We seek to attend every challenge presented to us, providing services such as specialized consulting, high quality system development on demand following the software's factory mode, trainings and individual or group courses.

Data analytics and BI

We have been on the market for a decade as a technology company specialized in information and data analytics solution, whose goal is to innovate our client's process of decision-making.

Hitachi Vantara (Pentaho) - as a Hitachi's authorized reseller, we offer licensing and services through Vantara / Pentaho's tool. If you are interested, contact us and request a quote.

Microsoft Power BI - as Microsoft's authorized reseller, we offer licensing and services through Power BI's tool. If you are interested, contact us and request a quote.


One of the main disruptive technologies over the last years, this is the technology responsible for bringing life to the solutions concerning the crypto economy. The Blockchain has consolidated itself on the market as a reliable and transparent technological infrastructure.

Sinn.ledger - based on Hyperledger Fabric, Sinn.ledger is a private network and our blockchain registration and validation backend available 24/7 in order to support our products.

Ethereum - the public network Ethereum is used in our solutions when a client needs the registers to be made in a public access place.

Artificial Intelligence

Created in 1956 by Professor John McCarthy, Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to a hardware or software's capability of exhibiting an apparently intelligent behavior. Recently, Ben Thompson proposed two different ways to analyze the term: the first one is the "general" Artificial Intelligence, which represents a group of algorithms and programmed conditions that allows a computer or a software to be able to do anything similarly to a human being. On the other hand, the "restricted" Artificial Intelligence also denotes the same capability, but within certain limits that are very well defined. - according to these parameters, our solutions use AI in different automation and scope levels, producing excellent results, optimizing and aggregating value to the parameters of our client's business.

Machine Learning

The term 'Machine Learning' (ML) is an evolution of the theory of the computer learning in Artificial Intelligence which translates into a hardware or software's ability to gradually learn with no human intervention. It explores the construction of the algorithms with learning capability, developing models through data samples, looking to predict or make decisions basing itself entirely on these algorithms. - following these parameters, some of our solutions use ML in different levels, obtaining excellent results and optimizing our client's business.


We offer services in every chain of Data Management governance. We have broad experience with database services, with almost one hundred projects developed over the ten years of the company's existence.

PostgreSQL / MySQL / SQL Server / ORACLE / No SQL / Colunares / Etc. - does your data source have an ODBC/JDBC driver? Do not worry, we are properly able to create complete governance solutions and to manage all your data.

Software development

In 2020 we will reach the goal of 100 projects developed in several business areas. From education to healthcare, based on java and on .NET. We do not choose technology, but we develop solutions that meet the demands of our clients.

Java, Angular, Python, React/React Native, Mobile (iOS e Android), Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Consulting for Solution Architecture and for System Development

Through the last 10 years, we gathered a vast knowledge of system development for different types of business. Given that, we are providing consultancy in the following areas: Software Engineering and Architecture, Data Analytics, Database, Development for mobile applications and many others services.